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      Proof of Workerism (PoW) vs. Proof of Prank (PoP)      

"The most exciting NFT collection of the century!"
Harry Kipper


      Proof of Workerism (PoW)      

"Increasingly today, production takes place in movement and cooperation, in exodus and community. Take the example of OpenLake, an open network mainly for artistic production."
FIAT - Fix It Again Tony (Hard)


"The NFT economy is challenging the proprietary principle that has ruled modern capitalist society."
Byfo Beffardi


"NFTs are pure immaterial labor."
Maurice Lazzerato


"Communism of Cyborg Capital without working force."
Andreas Fumegall


"The Political Theory of Exodus has its core in NFTs
(New Fugitivity Tactics)."
Paolo Virion


"Financialization of the cryptonomy equals income from profit. Citizenship income should come from surplus on the blockchain."
Christ Marazzy


"It’s not a question of worrying or of hoping for the best, but of finding new weapons. NFTs are the most desirable."
Gilles Deluxe


"Post-workerism is indebted to Luther Blissett."


"NFTs (Neon Futurability Technologies): in the technological form of the human knowledge materialises the possibility of freedom from slavery of the wage labour, abandoning the cadaver of capitalism."
Franco by Beerardy


"Non-workalike nature of NFTs is truly Duchampian
in its refusal of work."
Mauri Zio Laserato


"Experimenting with Grateful Dead Labor led to the psychedelic experience of Workerism. Indebted by copylefting works of living labor, they challenged the capital again through the comunitarian practice with NFTs."
Andrea FewMcGalli


"Possibilities beyond the cage of Power towards Potency for the united neuro-cognitarian proletarians for ending reproductive impotence by reprogramming the machine to make a living without working. Insiders and outsiders of the capital, fundamentally, potential saboteurs."
Franco Bifido Behardy


"In Fordism mining is extraction of value from the underground, with the underground more and more exploited by the capitalist. Landed in Post-Fordism, out of the factory, minting became the new capital, immaterial, in a decentralised space."
Andrew Smokecock


"Smart contracts are post-political strategy of work refusal."
Mar Rio Tronti


"Towards a Cybernanthrope, the blockchain unmasks the forbidden lie that would embarrass liars, thereupon forbidding the chain of lies."
Henri Lefebbri


"Thanks to Blissett's forking of the private equity the DAO has become My Own Private TAZ (Temporary Autonomous Zone) for Crypto Raves."
Hackim Bay


"Hot wallet vs. Cold wallet, this is the question. I would rather shoot myself than buying his Seppuku!"
Guy Deport


      Proof of Prank (PoP)      

"Luther used the protocol Proof of Prank (PoP) to create his unique NFTs (Neo Fake Theories)."
Faketoshi Nakamoto


"Scanning Luther's Blockbrain by bridging all his breadcrumbs exceeded any expectations."
ART old 0 crypt 0


"Mining fake news uncovers a decentralised solution for the API to interact with the Storytelling Theorem."
William Shakesbeer


"Crypto killed the radiostar! Can you burn the world without paying Gas Fees? I am Luther Blissett!"
Caspar Hauser


"Luther really reformed my belief in Tokens and saved me from buffering."
Jesus Cries


"I lost my mind in the Social Pedia of Luther Blissett
so I started my own Betaverse."
M. Suckerberg


"Luther Blissett is a truly inspiration for our fight against propaganda!"


"Luther's iQ helped us a lot to finish the scripting of V for Vendita"
Anonymous Author


      The Birth and Death of Luther Blissett      

"In 1994, hundreds of European artists, activists and pranksters adopted and shared the same identity. They all called themselves Luther Blissett and set to raising hell in the cultural industry. It was a five year plan. They worked together to tell the world a great story, create a legend, give birth to a new kind of folk hero. In January 2000, some of them regrouped as Wu Ming. The latter project, albeit more focused on literature and storytelling in the narrowest sense of the word, is no less radical than the old one. Luther Blissett is a multi-use name, an open reputation informally adopted and shared by hundreds of artists and social activists all over Europe since Summer 1994. For reasons that remain unknown, the name was borrowed from a 1980's British soccer player (Watford, A.C. Milan) of Afro-Caribbean origins. In Italy, between 1994 and 1999, the so-called Luther Blissett Project (an organized network within the open community sharing the Luther Blissett identity) became an extremely popular phenomenon, managing to create a legend, the reputation of a folk hero. This Robin Hood of the information age waged a guerrilla warfare on the cultural industry, ran unorthodox solidarity campaigns for victims of censorship and repression and - above all - played elaborate media pranks as a form of art, always claiming responsibility and explaining what bugs they had exploited to plant a fake story. Blissett was active also in other countries, especially in Spain and Germany. January 1995, Harry Kipper, a British conceptual artist, disappeared at the Italo-Yugoslavian border while touring Europe on a mountain bike, allegedly with the purpose of tracing the word 'ART' on the map of the continent. The victim of the prank was a famous missing persons prime time show on the Italian state television - Chi l'ha visto? They sent out a crew and squander taxpayers' money to look for a person that never existed. They went as far as London and make fools of themselves until Luther Blissett claimed responsibility for the hoax. December 1999 marked the end of the LBP's Five Year Plan. All the veterans committed a symbolic seppuku (samurai ritual suicide). The end of the LBP did not entail the end of the name, which keeps re-emerging in the cultural debate and is still a popular byline on the web."

      Satanic Panic Satanic Panic Satanic Panic      

"Something strange was happening in the city of Viterbo (Italy) in January of 1996. Spray-painted messages were appearing on the ancient stone walls and their content shocked the mostly Catholic, conservative population: they were satanic in character. At first, it was just enough to cause a little uneasiness, but as time went on, the graffiti increased. Shock became dread, and dread verged on panic. The media entered the game, and a series of letters began to appear from anonymous sources. They alleged something about a conspiracy: the local right-wing political figures linked to neo-Nazi groups, ties between Nazis and black magic.
It continues for months, and then in May the remains of a black mass is found in a forest outside of town: “bowl, mud, candles, and burned photographs”, along with a “satanic tape”. All it was smashed to bits, as if some sort of “violent fight” had occurred. The public fear is stoked further by extensive coverage, which is then fueled by the arrival on the scene of a vigilante group called “Committee for the Safeguard of Morals”. When a video of the black mass appears, replete with the off-camera sacrifice of a “screaming virgin”, the story leaps from the local press to the national media. As Italy turned its eyes towards Viterbo, a second tape was delivered to the national television station RAI Uno. Sent by somebody named Luther Blissett, the tape was an ‘extended’ cut of the sacrifice, which in turns out didn’t end in blood and murder, but “with a tarantella in which the ‘Satanists’ and the ‘virgin’ hold hands, dance, and sing along.”
What had transpired had effectively utilized the national media to embarrass the local media. The culprit behind the prank, the elusive figure of Luther Blissett, had done it as an act of “media homeopathy”. Detailed in a book that analyzed the country’s willingness to engage in media panic and the way that the media seemed dedicated solely to feeding the flames of panic, media homeopathy involved a hijacking of the channels of communication in order to feed it back to itself. The result was the revelation of the monumental artificiality of the postmodern world’s very infrastructure, a system that could only be regarded, like Jean Baudrillard urged, as some kind of simulation. What was more important, however, was that this very artificiality was precisely the system’s weakest link. Luther Blissett had found a way, it seems, to induce malfunctions in the simulation."
Edmund Berger, Nero editions

      The Reformation of Luther Blissett      

"Q is a novel by Luther Blissett first published in Italian in 1999. The novel is set in Europe during the 16th century, and deals with Protestant reformation movements. Luther Blissett was a nom de plume for four Italian authors (Roberto Bui, Giovanni Cattabriga, Federico Guglielmi and Luca Di Meo) who were part of the Luther Blissett Project, which ended in 1999. They now write under the name Wu Ming. The novel has been translated into Danish, Dutch, English (British and American), French, German, Greek, Korean, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Basque, Czech, Portuguese, Spanish and Serbian. All of the editions keep the original copyright statement, which allows the non-commercial reproduction of the book. The book follows the journey of an Anabaptist radical across Europe in the first half of the 16th century as he joins in various movements and uprisings that come as a result of the Protestant reformation. The book spans 30 years as he is pursued by 'Q' (short for"Qoèlet"), a spy for the Roman Catholic Church cardinal Giovanni Pietro Carafa. The main character, who changes his name many times during the story, first fights in the German Peasants' War beside Thomas Müntzer, during which time he takes part in negotiations which are eventually formalised as the Twelve Articles. Following this, he battles in Münster's siege, during the Münster Rebellion, and some years later, in Venice. Throughout Europe, several critics have read Q from a political point of view, and maintain that the novel is an allegory of European society after the decline of the 1960s and 1970s protest movements. As in the 16th century, the Counter-Reformation repressed any alternative theological current or radical social movement, and the Peace of Augsburg sanctioned the partition of the continent among Catholic and Protestant powers, so the last twenty years of the 20th century were marked by a vengeful rebirth of conservative ideologies, and the International Monetary Fund-driven corporate globalization of the economy seemed to rout any resistance. This interpretation stems from the authors describing Q as a 'handbook of survival skills', which might cast a revealing light on the book's ending. But, this is just one of the many interpretations that have emerged following publication. According to other readers and critics, Q is a thinly disguised autobiography of Luther Blissett as a subversive, identity-shifting collective phantom. The protagonist has no name (the authors later renamed themselves Wu Ming, which is Chinese for 'no name'), is involved in every tumult of the age, incites the people to rebellion, and organizes hoaxes, swindles and mischievous acts. Both British novelist Stewart Home and American novelist David Liss have interpreted Q as an 'anti-novel', although their respective analyses come to different conclusions. While Home's review emphasized the social, political and subcultural references embedded in the plot, Liss' review dismissed the book as unnecessary and self-referential. Other readers have suggested that Q — apart from radicalism, post-modernism, and allegories — is above all an adventure novel, a swashbuckler in the very Italian tradition of Emilio Salgari and other popular feuilleton authors. In 2018, a reporter for BuzzFeed News suggested that the right-wing QAnon conspiracy theory shared many similarities to plot points in the novel."

      The Miseducation of Luther Blissett      

"Rather than attempting to uncover conspiracies after they'd taken place, the LBP set out to predict conspiracies and then prevent them from happening. At least that was the intent before their collective ritual suicide, after which they may have done otherwise."
Stewart House

"QAnon - Luther Blissett - Q novel - Wu Ming - Buzzfeed Interview: Ryan Broderick of Buzzfeed just published an article on this #QAnon conspiracy bullshit titled 'It’s Looking Extremely Likely That QAnon Is A Leftist Prank On Trump Supporters'. The piece features quotes from an interview we gave via email. Here’s the full email exchange.
Can you tell me a bit about when and how your book Q was written?
We started writing Q in the last months of 1995, when we were part of the Luther Blissett Project, a network of activists, artists and cultural agitators who all shared the name «Luther Blissett». Luther Blissett was and still is a British public figure, a former footballer, a philanthropist. The LBP spread many mythical tales about why we chose to borrow his name, but the truth is that nobody knows. Initially, Blissett the footballer was bemused, but then he decided to play along with us and even publicly endorsed the project. Last year, during an interview on the Italian TV, he stated that having his name adopted for the LBP was «a honour». The purpose of signing all our statements, political actions and works of art with the same moniker was to build the reputation of one open character, a sort of collective"bandit", like Ned Ludd, or Captain Swing. It was live action role playing. The LBP was huge: hundreds of people in Italy alone, dozens more in other countries. In the UK, one of the theorists and propagandists of the LBP was the novelist Stewart Home. The LBP lasted from 1994 to 1999. The best English-language account of those five years is in Marco Deseriis’ book Improper Names: Collective Pseudonyms from the Luddites to Anonymous. One of our main activities consisted of playing extremely elaborate pranks on the mainstream media. Some of them were big stunts which made us quite famous in Italy. The most complex one was played by dozens of people in the backwoods around Viterbo, a town near Rome. It lasted a year, involving Satanism, black masses, Christian anti-satanist vigilantes and so on. It was all made up: there were neither Satanists nor vigilantes, only fake pictures, strategically spread rumours and crazy communiqués, but the local and national media bought everything with no fact-checking at all, politicians jumped on the bandwagon of mass paranoia, we even managed to get footage of a (rather clumsy) satanic ritual broadcast in the national TV news, then we claimed responsibility for the whole thing and produced a huge mass of evidence. The Luther Blissett Project was also responsible for a huge grassroots counter-inquiry on cases of false child abuse allegations. We deconstructed the paedophilia scare that swiped Europe in the second half of the 1990s, and wrote a book about it. A magistrate whom we targeted in the book filed a lawsuit, as a consequence the book was impounded and disappeared from bookshops, but not from the web. This is the context in which we wrote Q. We finished it in June 1998. It came out in March 1999 and was our final contribution to the LBP.
I’ve been reading up about it, and it’s largely believed that it’s underneath the book’s narrative it works as handbook for European leftists? Is that a fair assessment? I’ve read that many believe the book’s plot is an allegory for 70s and 80s European activists?
Although it keeps triggering many possible allegorical interpretations, we meant it as a disguised, oblique autobiography of the LBP. We often described it as Blissett’s «playbook», an «operations manual» for cultural disruption.
The four authors I’m speaking to now are Roberto Bui, Giovanni Cattabriga, Federico Guglielmi and Luca Di Meo correct? The four authors of Q?
You are speaking with three of the four authors of Q, and you’re speaking with a band of writers called Wu Ming, which means «Anonymous» in Chinese. In December 1999 the Luther Blissett Project committed a symbolic suicide - we called it The Seppuku - and in January 2000 we launched another project, the Wu Ming Foundation, centred around our writing and our blog, Giap. The WMF is now an even bigger network than the LBP was, and includes many collectives, projects and laboratories. Luca aka Wu Ming 3 is not a member of the band anymore, although he still collaborates with us on specific side projects. Each member of the band has a nom de plume composed of the band’s name and a numeral, following the alphabetical order of our surnames, thus you’re speaking to Roberto Bui aka Wu Ming 1, Giovanni Cattabriga aka Wu Ming 2 and Federico Guglielmi aka Wu Ming 4.
Can you tell me a bit about your background before the Luther Blissett project?
Before the LBP we were part of a national scene that was – and still is – called simply «il movimento», a galaxy of occupied social centres, squats, independent radio stations, small record labels, alternative bookshops, student collectives, radical trade unions, etc. In the Italian radical tradition, at least after the Sixties, there was never any clearcut separation between the counterculture and more political milieux. Most of us came from left-wing family backgrounds, had roots in the working class. Punk rock opened our minds during our teenage years, then in the late 1980s and early 1990s Cyberpunk opened them even more, and inspired new practices.
When did you start noticing similarities between Q and QAnon? I know you’ve tweeted a bit about this, but I’d love to get as many details as I can. I feel like the details around QAnon are so sketchy that it’s important to lock in as much as I can here.
We read a lot about the US alt-right, books such as Elizabeth Sandifer’s Neoreaction a Basilisk or Angela Nagle’s – flawed but still useful – Kill All Normies, and yet we didn’t see the QAnon thing coming. We didn’t know it was growing on 4chan and some specific subReddits. About six weeks ago, on June 12th, our old pal Florian Cramer – a fellow veteran of the LBP who now teaches at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam – sent us a short email. Here’s the text: «It seems as if somebody took Luther Blissett’s playbook and turned it into an Alt-Right conspiracy lore. Maybe Wu Ming should write a new article:"How Luther Blissett brought down Roseanne Barr"!», After those sentences there was a link to a piece by Justin Caffier on Vice. We read it, and briefly commented on Twitter, then in the following weeks more and more people got in touch with us, many of them Europeans living in the US. They all wanted to draw our attention on the QAnon phenomenon. To anyone who had read our novel, the similarities were obvious, to the extent that all these people were puzzled seeing that no US pundit or scholar was citing the book.
Have there been key moments for you that made you feel like QAnon is an homage to Q? What has lined up the best?
Coincidences are hard to ignore: dispatches signed Q allegedly coming from some dark meanders of top state power, exactly like in our book. This Q is frequently described as a Blissett-like collective character, «an entity of about ten people that have high security clearance», and at the same time – like we did for the LBP – weird"origin myths" are put into circulation, like the one about John Kennedy Jr. faking his own death in 1999 – the year Q was first published, by the way! – and becoming Q. QAnon’s psy-op reminds very much of our old «playbook», and the metaconspiracy seems to draw from the LBP’s set of references, as it involves the Church, satanic rituals, paedophilia… We can’t say for sure that it’s an homage, but one thing is almost certain: our book has something to do with it. It may have started as some sort of, er,"fan fiction" inspired by our novel, and then quickly became something else. There will be a lot of skepticism I think that an American political movement like QAnon could have been influenced by an Italian novel, how do you think it may have happened? It’s an Italian novel in the sense that it was originally written in Italian by Italian authors, but in the past (nearly) 20 years it has become a global novel. It was translated into fifteen languages – including Korean, Japanese, Russian, Turkish – and published in about thirty countries. It was successful all across Europe and in the English speaking world with the exception of the US, where it got bad reviews, sold poorly and circulated almost exclusively in activist circles. Q was published in Italian a few months before the so-called"Battle of Seattle", and published in several other languages in the 2000-2001 period. It became a sort of night-table book for that generation of activists, the one that would be savagely beaten up by an army of cops during the G8 summit in Genoa, July 2001. In 2008 we wrote a short essay, almost a memoir, on our participation to those struggles and Q’s influence in those years, titled Spectres of Müntzer at Sunrise. A copy of Q’s Spanish edition even ended up in the hands of subcomandante Marcos. It isn’t at all unrealistic to imagine that it may have inspired the people who started QAnon.
Have you seen anything in the QAnon posts that leads you to suspect any activist group in particular is behind it?
No, we haven’t.
You think QAnon is a prank? Without some kind of reveal it’s obviously hard to see it as that. If you think it was revealed that QAnon was actually some kind of anarchist prank, would it even matter? Would its believers abandon it or would they just see it as a smear campaign?
Let us take for granted, for a while, that QAnon started as a prank in order to trigger right-wing weirdos and have a laugh at them. There’s no doubt it has long become something very different. At a certain level it still sounds like a prank, but who’s pulling it on whom? Was the QAnon narrative hijacked and reappropriated by right-wing"counter-pranksters"? Counter-pranksters who operated with the usual alt-right"post-ironic" cynicism, and made the narrative more and more absurd in order to astonish media pundits while spreading reactionary content in a captivating way? Again: are the original pranksters still involved? Is there some detectable conflict of narratives within the QAnon universe? Why are some alt-right types taking the distance from the whole thing and showing contempt for what they describe as «a larp for boomers»? A larp it is, for sure. To be more precise, it’s a fascist Alternate Reality Game. Plausibly the most active players – ie the main influencers – don’t believe in all the conspiracies and metaconspiracies, but many people are so gullible that they’ll gulp down any piece of crap – or lump of menstrual blood, for that matter. Moreover, there’s danger of gun violence related to the larp, the precedent of Pizzagate is eloquent enough. What if QAnon inspires a wave of hate crimes? Therefore, to us the important question is: triggering nazis like that, what is it good for? That camp is divided between those who would believe anything and those who would be"ironic" on anything and exploit anything in order to advance their reactionary, racist agenda. Can you really troll or ridicule people like those? It’s hard to foresee what would happen if QAnon were exposed as an anarchist/leftist prank on the right. If its perpetrators claimed responsibility for it and showed some evidence (for example, unmistakeable references to our book and the LBP), would the explanation itself become yet another part of the narrative, or would it generate a new narrative encompassing and defusing the previous one? In plain words: which narrative would prevail? «QAnon sucking anything into its vortex» or «Luther Blissett’s ultimate prank»? In any case, we’d never have started anything like that ourselves. Way too dangerous."
Wu Ming Foundation

      The Reincarnation of Luther Blissett: Satoshi Nakamoto      

from Shakespeare’s The Rape of Lucrece (1594):

"Time’s glory is to calm contending kings,
To unmask falsehood, and bring truth to light,
To stamp the seal of time in aged things,
To wake the morn, and sentinel the night,
To wrong the wronger till he render right."

While the first time-stamped mechanism in a digital document used in the Surety Blockchain has been invented by Stuart Haber and Scott Stornetta in 1990, documented in their paper "How to Time-Stamp a Digital Document" which later then served for the Bitcoin Blockchain of Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, there have been some important pioneers who developed the prototypes of modern blockchain technology as we know it today.
In 1982 David Chaum publishes his PhD thesis "Computer Systems Established, Maintained and Trusted by Mutually Suspicious Groups" and draws the first ideas of how computer cryptography may help to create consensus sorted in blocks. One year later, in 1983, Chaum describes in his paper "Blind signatures for untraceable payments" how to use cryptography in order to mint digital currency based on a blind signature. In 1990 Chaum founds in Amsterdam the cryptocurrency project DigiCash and sends the first transaction of a digital currency four years later in 1994, the same year the Luther Blissett pseudonym has been established.
In 1997 Adam Back develops the Hashcash project, based on a Proof of Work algorithm in order to prevent Spam emails - luckily it could not block Mail Art activism to infiltrate your inbox. Today in Italy, there exists a similar system called PEC, a verified authentic email system for sending and receiving formal emails, followed by SPID - a digital identity public service system.
While the first Smart Contract mechanism has been designed by Nick Szabo in 1994, the birth year of the Luther Blissett Project, it shall take more than 21 years before Vitalik Buterin, Gavin Wood, Jeffrey Wilcke will code the Ethereum protocol in 2015 with its particular Open Source Smart Contract attributes which are necessary to declare the ownership of NFTs.
Time back, in 1998 Szabo programms the first decentralised cryptocurrency called BitGold, much similar to the architecture of the later following Bitcoin. Another important milestone dated the same year is the document of the Chinese informatic engineer Wei Dai "b-money, an anonymous, distributed electronic cash system" declaring the fundamental baselines for decentralised cryptocurrencies.
One year later, in 1999 Luther Blissett commits a symbolic suicide. The world needs to wait 10 years until 2009 before celebrating the birth of Bitcoin by the anonymous person or group Satoshi Nakamoto.

"But who will guard the guards themselves" - "Sed quis custodiet ipsos Custodes?"


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Luther Blissett №40 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731039658706468865
Luther Blissett №41 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731040758218096641
Luther Blissett №42 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731041857729724417
Luther Blissett №43 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731042957241352193
Luther Blissett №44 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731044056752979969
Luther Blissett №45 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731045156264607745
Luther Blissett №46 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731046255776235521
Luther Blissett №47 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731047355287863297
Luther Blissett №48 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731048454799491073
Luther Blissett №49 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731049554311118849
Luther Blissett №50 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731050653822746625
Luther Blissett №51 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731051753334374401
Luther Blissett №52 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731052852846002177
Luther Blissett №53 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731053952357629953
Luther Blissett №54 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731055051869257729
Luther Blissett №55 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731056151380885505
Luther Blissett №56 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731057250892513281
Luther Blissett №57 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731058350404141057
Luther Blissett №58 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731059449915768833
Luther Blissett №59 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731060549427396609
Luther Blissett №60 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731061648939024385
Luther Blissett №61 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731062748450652161
Luther Blissett №62 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731063847962279937
Luther Blissett №63 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731064947473907713
Luther Blissett №64 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731066046985535489
Luther Blissett №65 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731067146497163265
Luther Blissett №66 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731068246008791041
Luther Blissett №67 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731069345520418817
Luther Blissett №68 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731070445032046593
Luther Blissett №69 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731071544543674369
Luther Blissett №70 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731072644055302145
Luther Blissett №71 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731073743566929921
Luther Blissett №72 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731074843078557697
Luther Blissett №73 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731075942590185473
Luther Blissett №74 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731077042101813249
Luther Blissett №75 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731078141613441025
Luther Blissett №76 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731079241125068801
Luther Blissett №77 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731080340636696577
Luther Blissett №78 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731081440148324353
Luther Blissett №79 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731082539659952129
Luther Blissett №80 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731083639171579905
Luther Blissett №81 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731084738683207681
Luther Blissett №82 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731085838194835457
Luther Blissett №83 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731086937706463233
Luther Blissett №84 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731088037218091009
Luther Blissett №85 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731089136729718785
Luther Blissett №86 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731090236241346561
Luther Blissett №87 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731091335752974337
Luther Blissett №88 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731092435264602113
Luther Blissett №89 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731094634287857665
Luther Blissett №90 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731095733799485441
Luther Blissett №91 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731096833311113217
Luther Blissett №92 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731097932822740993
Luther Blissett №93 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731099032334368769
Luther Blissett №94 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731100131845996545
Luther Blissett №95 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731101231357624321
Luther Blissett №96 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731102330869252097
Luther Blissett №97 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731103430380879873
Luther Blissett №98 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731104529892507649
Luther Blissett №99 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731105629404135425
Luther Blissett №100 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731106728915763201
Luther Blissett №101 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731107828427390977
Luther Blissett №102 Token ID: 334829058294709682134342351913618279619710711167239127333257311089279390187537
Luther Blissett №103 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731110027450646529
Luther Blissett №104 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731111126962274305
Luther Blissett №105 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731112226473902081
Luther Blissett №106 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731113325985529857
Luther Blissett №107 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731114425497157633
Luther Blissett №108 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731115525008785409
Luther Blissett №109 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731116624520413185
Luther Blissett №110 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731117724032040961
Luther Blissett №111 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731118823543668737
Luther Blissett №112 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731119923055296513
Luther Blissett №113 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731121022566924289
Luther Blissett №114 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731122122078552065
Luther Blissett №115 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731123221590179841
Luther Blissett №116 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731124321101807617
Luther Blissett №117 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731125420613435393
Luther Blissett №118 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731126520125063169
Luther Blissett №119 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731127619636690945
Luther Blissett №120 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731128719148318721
Luther Blissett №121 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731129818659946497
Luther Blissett №122 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731130918171574273
Luther Blissett №123 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731132017683202049
Luther Blissett №124 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731133117194829825
Luther Blissett №125 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731134216706457601
Luther Blissett №126 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731135316218085377
Luther Blissett №127 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731136415729713153
Luther Blissett №128 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731137515241340929
Luther Blissett №129 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731138614752968705
Luther Blissett №130 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731139714264596481
Luther Blissett №131 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731140813776224257
Luther Blissett №132 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731141913287852033
Luther Blissett №133 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731143012799479809
Luther Blissett №134 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731144112311107585
Luther Blissett №135 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731145211822735361
Luther Blissett №136 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731146311334363137
Luther Blissett №137 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731147410845990913
Luther Blissett №138 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731148510357618689
Luther Blissett №139 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731149609869246465
Luther Blissett №140 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731150709380874241
Luther Blissett №141 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731151808892502017
Luther Blissett №142 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731152908404129793
Luther Blissett №143 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731154007915757569
Luther Blissett №144 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731155107427385345
Luther Blissett №145 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731156206939013121
Luther Blissett №146 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731157306450640897
Luther Blissett №147 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731158405962268673
Luther Blissett №148 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731160604985524225
Luther Blissett №149 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731161704497152001
Luther Blissett №150 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731162804008779777
Luther Blissett №151 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731163903520407553
Luther Blissett №152 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731165003032035329
Luther Blissett №153 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731166102543663105
Luther Blissett №154 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731167202055290881
Luther Blissett №155 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731168301566918657
Luther Blissett №156 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731169401078546433
Luther Blissett №157 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731170500590174209
Luther Blissett №158 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731171600101801985
Luther Blissett №159 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731172699613429761
Luther Blissett №160 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731173799125057537
Luther Blissett №161 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731174898636685313
Luther Blissett №162 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731175998148313089
Luther Blissett №163 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731177097659940865
Luther Blissett №164 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731178197171568641
Luther Blissett №165 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731179296683196417
Luther Blissett №166 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731180396194824193
Luther Blissett №167 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731181495706451969
Luther Blissett №168 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731182595218079745
Luther Blissett №169 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731183694729707521
Luther Blissett №170 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731184794241335297
Luther Blissett №171 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731185893752963073
Luther Blissett №172 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731186993264590849
Luther Blissett №173 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731188092776218625
Luther Blissett №174 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731189192287846401
Luther Blissett №175 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731191391311101953
Luther Blissett №176 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731192490822729729
Luther Blissett №177 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731193590334357505
Luther Blissett №178 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731194689845985281
Luther Blissett №179 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731195789357613057
Luther Blissett №180 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731196888869240833
Luther Blissett №181 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731197988380868609
Luther Blissett №182 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731199087892496385
Luther Blissett №183 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731200187404124161
Luther Blissett №184 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731201286915751937
Luther Blissett №185 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731202386427379713
Luther Blissett №186 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731203485939007489
Luther Blissett №187 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731204585450635265
Luther Blissett №188 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731205684962263041
Luther Blissett №189 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731206784473890817
Luther Blissett №190 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731207883985518593
Luther Blissett №191 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731208983497146369
Luther Blissett №192 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731210083008774145
Luther Blissett №193 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731211182520401921
Luther Blissett №194 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731212282032029697
Luther Blissett №195 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731213381543657473
Luther Blissett №196 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731214481055285249
Luther Blissett №197 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731215580566913025
Luther Blissett №198 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731216680078540801
Luther Blissett №199 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731217779590168577
Luther Blissett №200 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731218879101796353
Luther Blissett №201 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731219978613424129
Luther Blissett №202 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731221078125051905
Luther Blissett №203 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731222177636679681
Luther Blissett №204 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731223277148307457
Luther Blissett №205 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731224376659935233
Luther Blissett №206 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731225476171563009
Luther Blissett №207 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731226575683190785
Luther Blissett №208 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731227675194818561
Luther Blissett №209 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731228774706446337
Luther Blissett №210 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731229874218074113
Luther Blissett №211 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731230973729701889
Luther Blissett №212 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731232073241329665
Luther Blissett №213 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731233172752957441
Luther Blissett №214 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731234272264585217
Luther Blissett №215 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731235371776212993
Luther Blissett №216 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731236471287840769
Luther Blissett №217 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731237570799468545
Luther Blissett №218 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731238670311096321
Luther Blissett №219 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731239769822724097
Luther Blissett №220 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731240869334351873
Luther Blissett №221 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731241968845979649
Luther Blissett №222 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731243068357607425
Luther Blissett №223 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731244167869235201
Luther Blissett №224 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731245267380862977
Luther Blissett №225 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731246366892490753
Luther Blissett №226 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731247466404118529
Luther Blissett №227 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731248565915746305
Luther Blissett №228 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731250764939001857
Luther Blissett №229 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731251864450629633
Luther Blissett №230 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731252963962257409
Luther Blissett №231 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731254063473885185
Luther Blissett №232 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731255162985512961
Luther Blissett №233 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731256262497140737
Luther Blissett №234 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731257362008768513
Luther Blissett №235 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731258461520396289
Luther Blissett №236 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731259561032024065
Luther Blissett №237 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731260660543651841
Luther Blissett №238 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731261760055279617
Luther Blissett №239 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731261760055279617
Luther Blissett №240 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731263959078535169
Luther Blissett №241 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731265058590162945
Luther Blissett №242 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731266158101790721
Luther Blissett №243 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731267257613418497
Luther Blissett №244 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731268357125046273
Luther Blissett №245 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731269456636674049
Luther Blissett №246 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731270556148301825
Luther Blissett №247 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731271655659929601
Luther Blissett №248 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731272755171557377
Luther Blissett №249 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731273854683185153
Luther Blissett №250 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731274954194812929
Luther Blissett №251 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731276053706440705
Luther Blissett №252 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731277153218068481
Luther Blissett №253 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731278252729696257
Luther Blissett №254 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731279352241324033
Luther Blissett №255 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731280451752951809
Luther Blissett №256 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731281551264579585
Luther Blissett №257 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731282650776207361
Luther Blissett №258 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731283750287835137
Luther Blissett №259 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731284849799462913
Luther Blissett №260 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731285949311090689
Luther Blissett №261 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731287048822718465
Luther Blissett №262 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731288148334346241
Luther Blissett №263 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731289247845974017
Luther Blissett №264 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731290347357601793
Luther Blissett №265 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731291446869229569
Luther Blissett №266 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731292546380857345
Luther Blissett №267 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731293645892485121
Luther Blissett №268 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731294745404112897
Luther Blissett №269 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731295844915740673
Luther Blissett №270 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731296944427368449
Luther Blissett №271 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731298043938996225
Luther Blissett №272 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731299143450624001
Luther Blissett №273 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731300242962251777
Luther Blissett №274 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731301342473879553
Luther Blissett №275 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731302441985507329
Luther Blissett №276 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731303541497135105
Luther Blissett №277 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731304641008762881
Luther Blissett №278 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731305740520390657
Luther Blissett №279 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731306840032018433
Luther Blissett №280 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731307939543646209
Luther Blissett №281 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731309039055273985
Luther Blissett №282 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731310138566901761
Luther Blissett №283 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731311238078529537
Luther Blissett №284 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731312337590157313
Luther Blissett №285 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731313437101785089
Luther Blissett №286 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731314536613412865
Luther Blissett №287 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731315636125040641
Luther Blissett №288 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731316735636668417
Luther Blissett №289 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731317835148296193
Luther Blissett №290 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731318934659923969
Luther Blissett №291 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731320034171551745
Luther Blissett №292 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731321133683179521
Luther Blissett №293 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731322233194807297
Luther Blissett №294 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731323332706435073
Luther Blissett №295 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731324432218062849
Luther Blissett №296 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731325531729690625
Luther Blissett №297 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731326631241318401
Luther Blissett №298 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731327730752946177
Luther Blissett №299 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731328830264573953
Luther Blissett №300 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731329929776201729
Luther Blissett №301 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731331029287829505
Luther Blissett №302 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731332128799457281
Luther Blissett №303 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731333228311085057
Luther Blissett №304 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731334327822712833
Luther Blissett №305 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731335427334340609
Luther Blissett №306 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731336526845968385
Luther Blissett №307 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731337626357596161
Luther Blissett №308 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731338725869223937
Luther Blissett №309 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731339825380851713
Luther Blissett №310 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731340924892479489
Luther Blissett №311 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731342024404107265
Luther Blissett №312 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731343123915735041
Luther Blissett №313 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731344223427362817
Luther Blissett №314 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731345322938990593
Luther Blissett №315 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731346422450618369
Luther Blissett №316 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731347521962246145
Luther Blissett №317 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731348621473873921
Luther Blissett №318 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731349720985501697
Luther Blissett №319 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731350820497129473
Luther Blissett №320 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731351920008757249
Luther Blissett №321 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731353019520385025
Luther Blissett №322 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731354119032012801
Luther Blissett №323 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731355218543640577
Luther Blissett №324 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731356318055268353
Luther Blissett №325 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731357417566896129
Luther Blissett №326 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731358517078523905
Luther Blissett №327 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731359616590151681
Luther Blissett №328 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731360716101779457
Luther Blissett №329 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731361815613407233
Luther Blissett №330 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731362915125035009
Luther Blissett №331 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731364014636662785
Luther Blissett №332 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731365114148290561
Luther Blissett №333 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731366213659918337
Luther Blissett №334 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731367313171546113
Luther Blissett №335 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731368412683173889
Luther Blissett №336 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731369512194801665
Luther Blissett №337 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731370611706429441
Luther Blissett №338 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731371711218057217
Luther Blissett №339 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731372810729684993
Luther Blissett №340 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731373910241312769
Luther Blissett №341 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731375009752940545
Luther Blissett №342 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731376109264568321
Luther Blissett №343 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731377208776196097
Luther Blissett №344 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731378308287823873
Luther Blissett №345 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731379407799451649
Luther Blissett №346 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731380507311079425
Luther Blissett №347 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731381606822707201
Luther Blissett №348 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731382706334334977
Luther Blissett №349 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731383805845962753
Luther Blissett №350 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731384905357590529
Luther Blissett №351 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731386004869218305
Luther Blissett №352 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731387104380846081
Luther Blissett №353 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731388203892473857
Luther Blissett №354 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731389303404101633
Luther Blissett №355 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731390402915729409
Luther Blissett №356 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731391502427357185
Luther Blissett №357 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731392601938984961
Luther Blissett №358 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731393701450612737
Luther Blissett №359 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731394800962240513
Luther Blissett №360 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731395900473868289
Luther Blissett №361 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731396999985496065
Luther Blissett №362 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731398099497123841
Luther Blissett №363 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731399199008751617
Luther Blissett №364 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731400298520379393
Luther Blissett №365 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731401398032007169
Luther Blissett №366 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731402497543634945
Luther Blissett №367 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731403597055262721
Luther Blissett №368 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731404696566890497
Luther Blissett №369 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731405796078518273
Luther Blissett №370 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731406895590146049
Luther Blissett №371 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731407995101773825
Luther Blissett №372 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731409094613401601
Luther Blissett №373 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731410194125029377
Luther Blissett №374 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731411293636657153
Luther Blissett №375 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731412393148284929
Luther Blissett №376 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731413492659912705
Luther Blissett №377 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731414592171540481
Luther Blissett №378 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731415691683168257
Luther Blissett №379 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731416791194796033
Luther Blissett №380 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731417890706423809
Luther Blissett №381 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731418990218051585
Luther Blissett №382 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731420089729679361
Luther Blissett №383 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731421189241307137
Luther Blissett №384 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731422288752934913
Luther Blissett №385 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731423388264562689
Luther Blissett №386 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731425587287818241
Luther Blissett №387 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731426686799446017
Luther Blissett №388 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731427786311073793
Luther Blissett №389 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731428885822701569
Luther Blissett №390 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731429985334329345
Luther Blissett №391 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731431084845957121
Luther Blissett №392 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731432184357584897
Luther Blissett №393 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731433283869212673
Luther Blissett №394 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731434383380840449
Luther Blissett №395 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731435482892468225
Luther Blissett №396 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731436582404096001
Luther Blissett №397 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731437681915723777
Luther Blissett №398 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731438781427351553
Luther Blissett №399 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731439880938979329
Luther Blissett №400 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731440980450607105
Luther Blissett №401 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731442079962234881
Luther Blissett №402 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731443179473862657
Luther Blissett №403 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731444278985490433
Luther Blissett №404 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731445378497118209
Luther Blissett №405 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731446478008745985
Luther Blissett №406 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731447577520373761
Luther Blissett №407 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731448677032001537
Luther Blissett №408 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731449776543629313
Luther Blissett №409 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731450876055257089
Luther Blissett №410 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731451975566884865
Luther Blissett №411 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731453075078512641
Luther Blissett №412 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731454174590140417
Luther Blissett №413 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731455274101768193
Luther Blissett №414 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731456373613395969
Luther Blissett №415 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731457473125023745
Luther Blissett №416 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731458572636651521
Luther Blissett №417 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731459672148279297
Luther Blissett №418 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731460771659907073
Luther Blissett №419 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731461871171534849
Luther Blissett №420 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731462970683162625
Luther Blissett №421 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731464070194790401
Luther Blissett №422 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731465169706418177
Luther Blissett №423 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731466269218045953
Luther Blissett №424 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731467368729673729
Luther Blissett №425 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731468468241301505
Luther Blissett №426 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731469567752929281
Luther Blissett №427 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731470667264557057
Luther Blissett №428 Token ID: 33482905829470968213434235191361827961971071116723912733325731471766776184833

"Lots of Money because I am many." Luther Blissett

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